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Our Mission

The Whisky Distillery is the only true whisky-focused specialist based in Singapore. Be marvelled by a massive collection of whiskies that are meticulously sourced from the best distilleries in Scotland and Japan, including some from closed distilleries. We are constantly on the search for new spirits with genuine heritage and high quality to add to our comprehensive selection.

Through our knowledge and passion for this spirit, often referred to as “liquid gold”, The Whisky Distillery seeks to provide an impeccable and personalised drinking experience with exclusive tasting sessions and private events.

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Home to a comprehensive collection of fine and rare Scotch and Japanese  whiskies, including the Royal Lochnagar 31-year old single cask and Yamazaki 50-year old single malt. The Vault contains 4,500 bottles which visitors can  experience the sights and smells of fine whiskies including closed distilleries.         


Join us for a tour as our whisky ambassadors:

- Explain the history and secrets behind the whiskies 
- Whisky tasting by identifying different flavours, aroma and tasting our carefully curated whiskies. 
- Gift shop which offers a unique range of merchandise which can be personally engraved to give as a souvenir to loved ones

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